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Sunny Lenarduzzi Youtube for Bosses 3


YouTube for Bosses helps content creators, service providers, and business owners get in front of the right audience on the second biggest website in the world.

YouTube For Bosses has over 6 hours of comprehensive, instructional videos that walk you through the 4 phases of creating magnetic content on YouTube.

You’ll also get a download of Sunny’s YT4B Course Sheet that helps you follow these steps and keep all of your notes, ideas, and progress in one place!

Sunny Lenarduzzi Youtube for Bosses 3
Step 1 Content This phase will cover… 1. How to niche down to blow up 2. Creating your content plan 3. Picking the best title
Step 2 Optimize This phase will cover… 1. Optimizing Description & Tags 2. Optimizing Thumbnail Images 3. Optimizing for Conversions 4. Optimize Video Performance 5. Optimize Channel Setup
Step 3 Develop This phase will cover… 1. The Ultimate Guide to Video Development 2. The H.O.T. Script Formula 3. Filming with Ease 4. Editing in under 30 Minutes 5. YouTube Live & Shorts 6. 60 Day YouTube Launch Plan
Step 4 Expand This phase will cover… 1. Uploading Your Video Properly 2. Distribute for More Views 3. YouTube Monetization Strategies 4. The Game Plan for Your Channel’s Success Bonus! FAQs and Worksheets I’ve also created a couple of checklists and FAQ sheets on… 1. My recommended equipment list 2. Your new channel checklist 3. A FAQ sheet with links to resources 4. Scheduling Tweets on Hootsuite… And much more!

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