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Stefan Georgi RMBC Method


This Simple, 4-Step Copywriting Method Took Me From Broke and Living In A Trailer To Generating Over $700MM

So These Are The Four Steps: Research, Mechanism, Brief And Copy.

1. Research
Research is probably the #1 factor in whether or not your sales copy is effective or not. It’s also the most often overlooked. And this is true for both writers who are just started out, along with grizzled old vets.

2. Mechanism
This part is surprisingly simple and yet insanely important. Understanding how the mechanism works can make or break any promo or offer you run.

3. Brief
The brief is where we take our research and our mechanism and put it all together. By answering all of the questions in the brief, we’ll now have everything we need to start writing the copy.

4. Copy
Here’s the part where we finally get to write our sales copy! And as you’re about to see, this whole process is going to be much less daunting thanks to the first three steps (RMB).

Module #1: Welcome
Module #2: Research
Module #3: Mechanism
Module #4: Brief
Module #5: Copy
Module #6: Fascinations
Module #7: Attention Grabbing Leads
Module #8: Writing Killer Headlines
Module #9: Subject Lines and Ad Creatives
Module #10: The AOV Money Close

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