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Saj P & Jeevan S Zero Resistance Marketing


How We Made A Million Dollars Online Without A Squeeze Page, Without Building An Email List And Selling Directly To Cold Traffic…

What you’ll learn on this free web class!

Secret #1: CT Method
See how we sell directly to cold traffic & achieve a record 10% + conversion rate on our sales page.

Secret 2: TS Blueprint
Feel the power of my simple 2-step sales funnel that generated 7 figures & won me the prestigious 2 comma club award

Secret #3: LTO Protocol
Hear how we generate large revenue and profits selling a low cost (< $50) product. We don’t even need to go to the trouble of creating a back-end product! This training will be life changing we promise you. For the first time ever, we will be revealing our zero resistance marketing formula… Showing you how we generate 7 figures online doing the polar opposite of everything you have been taught up until now in this industry. You cannot afford to miss this. [wlm_ismember]



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