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Perry Marshall Definitive Selling Proposition


A DSP is a multi-dimensional USP.
A DSP is a USP uncovered using a 9-layered matrix.
A DSP is USP with a “magic ingredient” that adds a defensibility component to your USP that cannot be constructed using fill-in-the-blank USP templates.
A DSP is USP revealed through turning over every stone in your business to find competitive advantages that you didn’t know you had…or could have…before.
A DSP is a thorough, systematic expansion of your USP, with tentacles that grow into deep roots…it requires work, but it’s the most vital work you’ll do this year…probably even this decade.
A DSP not only TELLS your story but REDEFINES it to its core.
A DSP makes your product fundamentally more alluring.
A DSP never elicits a “SO WHAT?” response from your marketplace. No one can be indifferent to a true DSP. They either love you or hate you. (I got hate mail when I created my event with Richard Koch. Millionaires who were NOT fractional billionaires accused me of lying. Good. I dragged egos through the mud until I garnered their attention.)
A DSP sharpens your message to a point of SPECIFICITY and SIMPLICITY that it pierces right through noise.
A DSP is the ONLY thing your customer will rave about.

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