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Michael Hyatt 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever


5 Days to Your Best Year Ever will help you build on the goal-setting framework of The Full Focus Planner to set goals you actually achieve.

Would you be willing to invest a few hours in order to set yourself up for a year of success?

That’s what 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever does. It’s a powerful online workshop that empowers you to set yourself up for your best year ever over the course of just 5 days.

Invest in 5 days now to make the remaining 360 the best you’ve ever had.

This is the most efficient way to finally achieve your biggest goals and take control of your year.

What You’ll Learn In Just 5 Days:

The critical ingredient to experiencing happiness.
Three powerful truths to create instant mental breakthrough.
A way to quickly identify why you keep getting stuck.
An exercise that systematically lays the groundwork for your best year ever.
How to turn past failures into future successes.
My proven seven-part formula for setting no-fail goals.
Targeted templates for identifying your top seven to ten goals.
Techniques for tapping into your intrinsic motivation to sustain motivation and momentum.
Three proven tactics to help you automate your goal attainment month-to-month and increase your chances of success all year long.

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