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Jason Hornung Academy Of Advertising


This Is What’s Working With Digital Advertising Today
AcademyOfAdvertising.com helps entrepreneurs, media buyers and
marketing agency owners to make ads pay!
Get proven strategies, processes and systems being used RIGHT NOW on
every major ad network to create & scale profitable ads…
You’ll also get help implementing these strategies into your advertising
from our founder, Jason Hornung.

Jason Hornung Academy Of Advertising

Profiting From Ads Isn’t Wizardry. It’s Basic
Science & Simple Math.
AcademyOfAdvertising.com gives you simple frameworks and formulas that lead to massive results.
Our teachers and students are in the trenches, optimizing and scaling profits every day,
not wasting time on things that don’t matter.
We help overwhelmed & overloaded people doing ads
This is the vast majority of advertisers today. They follow tons of “gurus” spouting off the latest do hickey funnel whiz banger new ad trick of the month… Constantly shifting from one idea to the next – never seeing anything to completion. They’re confused, lose money on ads or never even start because they think advertising online is “just a scam”.
Become calm & calculated professional media buyers
This is the rare person in the digital advertising space. They focus on creating ads and offers which provide value to their audience. They cut out all the “guru” noise and build things for helping their customers. They stick to plans, follow instructions and win consistent daily profits with advertising.
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